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Attendance and Review/Grades missing from last Term?

Course Outlines

Faculty Version

Student Version

Student Evalutations

Reminder sent out by me at end of term – needs doing for last term


Course codes created by me at start of term

How to report them?

Supply Lists Online

Notify faculty that this is now online

Use New Supply list popup method for Course and Faculty clicks?

Student Credited Courses

Create Archive needs some controls

Put all reminders/scripts in one program? Able to choose year and term and Run or Test mode:

Attendance Reminder
Grades/Reviews Reminder
Create Course Outlines Codes
Course Outlines Reminder
Student Evaluations Reminder
Create Archive

Administration Menus

getting complicated? Do we need a sub menu method?

Supplies: Included in the course

checkbox is in Course record. Shouldn't it be in Schedule record? Should be in Faculty Course edit form too.

Student Course Lists

Add ability to “Email All”