Programs - Applied Arts Animation

The Applied Arts Animation Diploma Program is a 2-Year (6 terms) program of study. Each year is 43 weeks in length and 900 hours of instruction. 

First Year:

You begin with the fundamentals in Drawing, Design, Photoshop and Colour Design before applying these skills to the ToonBoom Harmony and Storyboard Pro Software Programs. You will learn Character Design, Layout, the Visual Narrative, Storyboarding and Background Design. Learn to navigate and use the Toon Boom Harmony software to import the character, rig the body and import the scene component. 

Second Year:
Continue using ToonBoom Harmony to work on your post-production. As part of the diploma, you will be required to take and pass the Industry Certified Toon Boom Premium Associate Examination.  You will be prepared for a job as a cut-out animator, rigger, concept artist, story board artist and many more.

Tuition: Domestic and online international Students:      $14,100 per year  (3 terms)
Tuition: International Students ( in person):                  $19,035 per year  (3 terms)


As a Toon Boom Harmony Centre of Excellence  since 2015, VCA is constantly training and inspiring artists to participate in the country's booming digital arts and entertainment economy. As a requirement to maintain our designation as a centre of excellence, VCA must  instruct students the latest software update used in the industry. The Toon Boom Harmony Animation software taught at VCA is a major contributor to the 2D animation industry. The Canadian-based company ( Montreal, Quebec) has been used by many well-known animation producers such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros.

Companies and Studios that use the Toon Boom Harmony software:




"I was lucky to have been offered a job as an Animator in Kelowna before graduating from the Animation Program. A big thanks to my teachers helping me to be the best that I can. I enjoyed the professional yet relaxed way my instructors presented their courses. Smalls classes also gave me the opportunity to get a lot of quality discussions with the teachers. " - A.S.


"I am an older student who has for the past two years been enjoying the basic courses of Drawing, Design, Painting and Sculpture and recently have moved into the animation course the school currently offers. As a professional in the field of music in the areas of both performing and teaching, I have found the faculty to be very open, very serious about providing helpful instruction to their pupils and very skilled artists each in their own right. Any questions I have had regarding course requirements, fees or accreditation have been addressed promptly and sincerely, In all, I've truly enjoyed the time I have spent in classes here so far and am very excited for the ones to come." - Ann F.