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Independent Studio Studies is a mentored program with the assistance and consultation of our professional instructors to guide you in  furthering your skills in a specific area of study. Please inquire about your specific area of interest with administration. ( Formally called the Post-Diploma Program)

Independent Studio Studies in Applied Arts Animation

Professional Specialization Program in 2D Animation: Independent Studio Studies Program ( 30 weeks ) Full-time Tuition: $3600 ( Two terms) or $1800 per term.
This program is designed to focus on what most studios are seeking for new hirings at entry level positions.

Objectives of this program:

Requirements: You must be able to present the following:

Let our professional instructors/ mentors help you hone your 2D skills in one or more of your chosen specializations such as:
Rigging your character, Animating your rigged character, Designing your animation background , Designing your character, Completing your storyboard and Layout.

Commercial Short Film Production / Independent Short Film Production

Living Reef

by Kevin Owens

RCMP Training Animation

by RCMP E&M Division

Pedalling for Papua

by Jeremy Bally


by Kelsey Marshall

The Macaroon Raccoon

by Dustin Carpenter

The Meeting

by Haaken Bailey


by Vanessa Ridley

Jumpin Jupiter

by Georges Daigle
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