Programs - Online Courses

All courses are currently online on the Zoom platform  (Some later spring courses may be in class)
All courses are either 36 or 48 hours in length
Duration: One month courses are classes held three times a week for one month
Six week courses are classes held twice a week for six weeks


Drawing 101A: "Form and Movement"  (36 hours Feb 22-Apr 9 10:30-1:30)
The translation of a 3D space into a 2D surface through observationaldrawing from still life and the model.  Tuition: $486

Design Colour Theory 203:" Colours and their effects on each other"  (48 hours Feb 22- Apr 9 9:30-1:30)
Experiment with colour combinations and reasons for using colour theory in determining and establishing mood.Study the use of geometry in planning compositions.  Tuition: $648


 Drawing 101B:  " A Solid Foundation" (36 hours Mar 9-Apr 1 2:30-5:30)

Acquire a solid foundation and gradually give shape to your own understanding of drawing as a personal signature and means of expression.  Tuition: $486

Painting With Watercolours 122: " Painting in Washes of Pure Colour" ( 36 hours Mar 9-Apr 1 10:30-1:30)
After an initial careful drawing, learn to layer colours rather than mix. See how the details build up gradually. There is so much to discover and nature has it all. Tuition: $486


Painting 102A:"Acrylic Painting" ( 36 hours Apr 26-Jun7 10:30-1:30) This course is offered again as Painting 102B ( June 29- July 27 10:30-1:;30)
Discover the amazing potential of acrylic paint. Explore colour, paint application -imprints and mixed media  Tuition: $486

Drawing 101A:" "Form and Movement"  (36 hours Feb 22-Apr 9 10:30-1:30)
The translation of a 3D space into a 2D surface through observationaldrawing from still life and the model.  Tuition: $486


Drawing 141:" Drawing Backgrounds" ( 36 hours May 25-Jun24 9:30-12:30)
Learn to draw backgrounds and represent them in different stylistic approaches. You will focus on landforms, man-made environments and time periods to create a sense of time and space.  Tuition: $486


Drawing 261: "Portrait and Character Drawing" (36 hours June 14- July 26 2:30-5:30)
Examine the head as a medium of character and expression. Special attention will be directed to the anatomy of the skull, muscles of the face, ranges of expression and "personality".  Previous drawing experience is important  Tuition: $486

Art History 277: "The History of Animation" (36 hours June 14- july 26 2:30-5:30)
A comprehensive history of Animation and the forces that have influenced its development   Tuition: $486

Digital Painting 172: " Digital Painting Skills" ( 36 hours June 29-uly 27 9:30-12:30)
Enhance your skills in the world of digital Painting. Open to all levels.  Tuition: $486

Art History 247: "Galleries of Europe: (36 hours June29- July 27 2:30-5:30)
A virtual tour of the historic architecture, building and palaces housing the great collections of Workd Art. Tuition" $486