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(12-hour evenings workshop)

Introduction to basic principles of drawing with demos, exercises including drawing the model. 

Instructor: Alain Costaz

April 21 (Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30)    (Max: 12 students)

Supplies:  9x11 sketchbook, drawing pencils 2B to 8B, kneaded eraser

Tuition fee: $125

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(8-hour weekend workshop)

A 2-day intensive weekend workshop designed to help the student approach the building of a character by offering eight developmental tools.

Explore the inner/outer worlds, sensory exercises, the 8 energies, the 3 W’s. (Who am I, Where am I, What do I want)
Understand the character's true motivation. This workshop may be enjoyed by all students interested in acting, animation and script writing.

Instructor: Ariel O'Sullivan

June 12-13th (Saturday and Sunday from 10-2:30 with a 30 minute break for lunch)

Tuition fee: $90 

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(12-hour evenings workshop)

Learn how to paint with Acrylics. Instruction includes demos and exercises. We will also use the model.

Instructor: Alain Costaz

April 12- May 17, 2021  (Monday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30)    (Max: 12 students)

Supplies:  Student grade acrylics in red, yellow, blue, black and white (Buzz is a good brand), Small and medium round brush, bristol board or cardboard as a painting surface to learn on.

Tuition fee: $125

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(3-hour weekend workshop)

Explore the scope of Animation: Is it right for you? Learn what the studios expect when you apply for animation jobs. 

Instructor: Dustin Carpenter

Dustin is a former VCA Animation 2017 Graduate and currently the Lead Animator at Caribara Montreal, working on the new Disney Plus series "The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti". Dustin was also formerly a senior 2D Cut-Out Animator working at "Couleur Animation Studios" in Montreal.

Saturday, June 5 ( Saturday 10:00 am -1:00pm)

Tuition fee: $45

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WORKSHOP 5: Mixed Media Sculpture Workshop with Nicole Clouston

“Introduction to 3D Construction” Open to all
Learn how to create a 3D animal of your choosing out of cardboard!
For the workshop you will need some scrap cardboard (either corrugated or not), a surface to cut on, and an exacto knife and/or a pair of scissors.

Thursday, June 3rd (11:00am-2:00 pm PST)
3-hour fun workshop Fee: $45

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WORKSHOP 6: You Can Draw! Workshop with Nicole Clouston

“An Introduction to line drawing” Open to all
Use “line drawing” as a fun and relaxing way to engage the world around you!
All you need to participate is paper (can be a sketchbook, or even printer paper) and a pencil.

Saturday, June 12th (11:00am -2:00pm PST)
3-hour fun workshop Fee: $45

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WORKSHOP 7: Printmaking Workshop with Nicole Clouston

“Make a variety of prints using Styrofoam and Acrylic paint!” Open to all
These prints can be made on t-shirts, cards, or paper.
For this workshop you will need to get two pieces of scrap Styrofoam – the kind that Styrofoam plates are made of. You will also need a pen or pencil, a sponge, and some acrylic paint (whatever colours you want to work with).
Finally, you will need some paper to print on.

Saturday, June 26th (11:00am - 2:00 pm PST)
3-hour fun workshop Fee: $45

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