Admission - Admission Policy






In order to be considered for admission into the Victoria College of Art Fine Arts or Applied Arts Diploma Program, an applicant must comply with the following prerequisites:


  • Minimum grade 12 or 19 years of age (proof of date of birth is required).
  • Valid photo ID issued by a government agency (passport, driver's license, or provincial ID).
  • Most recent transcript of marks from a college, university, or high school diploma. Mature students may be exempt.
  • Indication of Artistic or Creative Motivation demonstrated at the interview with administration.
  • A portfolio, although useful, is not a requirement for incoming first year students. Advanced students must present a portfolio.


Program admission requirements may not be waived by the student or the institution.



Contract Forms

  • Registration forms and student contract forms must be filled out and signed before the start of the program. A copy will be issued to the student.

1. Download Full/Part-Time Student Contract Form or Download Single Course Form

2. Submit Your Required Documents

3. Submit Your Portfolio