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After completing his Animation studies at VCA, Dustin Carpenter moved to Montreal to pursue his desired career in Animation. Currently he is working as a Senior cut-out animator at "Couleur Animation Studio" in Montreal. He has been offered a position as a lead animator at a Disney studio in Montreal. He worked in the Netflix Animated Series F is for Family Season 4 and Harmon Quest Season 3. He is now one of several VCA animation students who has transitioned from student to working professional.

Dustin Carpenter: Applied Arts Animation Diploma Program 2017




Rosemary Kemp's focus at the Victoria College of Art led her to a fascination with portraiture and landscape oil painting - a direction which has immersed her in Victoria's arts culture after graduation. From her studio in Victoria's Chinatown, Rosemary has continued to paint emotional and expressive works, with a distinctive post-Impressionist influence and strong technical foundations acquired from her time at VCA. She has found success selling her paintings and limited edition prints independently to buyers in Vancouver as well as Victoria, and her work has appeared in local shows by the Victoria Arts Council, as well as the Bastion Square summer market. Her experience as an artist has also brought her work in the collections department at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and as the Victoria Arts Council's volunteer coordinator, which in turn has exposed her to the thriving arts community in Victoria. Rosemary continues to hone her painting skills and always prioritizes working at her studio amid a busy schedule. She is keen to bring her art to as many people as possible, and is excited to further her artistic career in Victoria after her tutelage at VCA!

Rosemary Kemp: Fine Arts Diploma Program



Ruth Bowman enrolled in the Applied Arts Illustration program immediately after retiring from a thirty-five year primary teaching career. Although one of her majors was art education, she had been advised when she was in high school that art school was a waste of time as there were no jobs for a girl in art. After obtaining certificates in Illustration Advanced and Illustration Fundamentals, Ruth joined the "Island Illustrators Society" where she is now secretary and webmaster. Participating in the Society's alphabet, colouring book, Emily Carr House, and 150th Anniversary Big Canadian Stuff Exhibits has furthered her presence in the art world as well as continuing the development of her skills.

"Besides the joy of finally attending art school, being immersed in the art world of VCA was an amazing experience. The supportive learning environment created by both instructors and fellow students led to my discovery of old skills I didn't know I had as well as refining old skills I brought with me. I am very grateful to the instructors at VCA for two wonderful years of classes and for the opportunities that have come my way since attending the college."

Ruth Bowman: Applied Arts Illustration Diploma Program